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(for every donation, you will receive a FREE patch, wristband or decal)
Support Maui’s community and show your care and “aloha spirit” with the purchase of Maui Strong Patches, Decals or Silicone Wristbands. As a San Diego business owner for over 35+ years, with strong ties to the Maui and Hawaiian Island communities, we are VERY committed to giving back. That’s why 100% of the net profits* of all Maui Strong donations go directly to the Hawaii Community Foundation. Remember, we are offering FREE Patches, Wristbands and/or Decals for every donation. Join us in making a difference and help us create a stronger Maui now and in the future. Together, we are Maui Strong!

We Are Maui Strong!

Partner with Maui Strong and make a difference in the community! Our commitment to giving back to the Maui residents is what sets us apart. By purchasing our quality products, you’re not only showing your aloha spirit but also contributing to a stronger Maui for now and the future. Join us in supporting the Hawaii Community Foundation and together, let’s make a positive impact. Choose from our patch, wristband, or decal options and be a part of the Maui Strong movement. We are Maui Strong Forever!

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What We Do

Welcome to Maui Strong, a dedicated initiative aimed at providing support and relief to the resilient community of Maui in the wake of the recent devastating fires. Our hearts go out to the over 100+ lives lost, the 11,000 individuals forced to evacuate their homes, and the immeasurable property damages that have deeply impacted this beautiful island. In the face of adversity, we believe in the power of unity and compassion, and that’s why we’ve launched this new Maui Strong e-commerce platform to help fund those in need.

Together, we can turn adversity into opportunity. As we join hands to support the resilient people of Maui, let’s transform each sale into a step toward rebuilding homes, restoring lives, and fostering a sense of togetherness that extends far beyond geographical boundaries. Explore our collection, make a purchase, and become a part of the Maui Strong movement today. Your contribution matters, and through your actions, we can help Maui emerge stronger than ever before.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to stand with the people of Maui and help them rebuild their lives. Through our thoughtfully designed embroidered patches, rubber wristbands, and decals, proudly emblazoned with the “Maui Strong” insignia, we offer you a tangible way to show your solidarity and make a difference. We are giving 100% of the net profits* for every donation you make on our website that will go directly to the Hawaii Community Foundation, a trusted organization committed to channeling funds towards the recovery and revitalization efforts in Maui. By choosing Maui Strong products, you not only gain a meaningful keepsake but also become a beacon of hope for those who are striving to overcome this tragedy.

Partner with Get Involved.

Join us in transforming tragedy into triumph. Become a partner, get involved, and let’s write a story of resilience, compassion, and community support together. We are offering special pricing on larger quantities of our Patches, Wristbands, and Decals for companies, businesses, cities, states, etc. who want to help. Minimums are 500+ per item. And remember, our unique approach is that we are accepting donations for the Maui Strong Fund and in return, sending out FREE Maui Strong branded products. To learn more about our partner program, send an email to and thank you for supporting this program. Your involvement is a beacon of hope that will illuminate the path to a brighter future for the people of Maui. has been approved by Hawaii Community Foundation as an authorized Cause-Related donor.

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Maui Strong, a compassionate endeavor dedicated to assisting the residents of Maui in their recovery from the devastating fire. With a deep connection to the Maui and Hawaiian Island community, we are committed to giving back. By purchasing any Maui Strong product, you not only showcase your aloha spirit but also contribute to the well-being of Maui. 100% of the net profit* of the donations from every item sold goes directly to the Hawaii Community Foundation. Join us in making a difference and helping to build a stronger Maui. Together, we are Maui Strong!

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